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The ArTeSalVa project

Architecture, Technology, Protection and Enhancement of the historic buildings in a state of disrepair or underutilized

The objectives of the ArTeSalVa project (Architecture, Technology, Safeguarding and Enhancement of historic buildings) - financed by the Tuscany Region with European POR FSE funds - are the study and the definition of new methodologies for the knowledge and enhancement of huge historic public and private buildings located in Tuscany, and which are currently in a state of decay or are underused.

ArTeSalVa has been created by the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa (LARTTE) and the National Research Council CNR-ISTI (Visual Computing Lab), in collaboration with La Sterpaia founded by Oliviero Toscani and the IT company NoveOPiu, owned by Enrico Possenti. The project concerns a historical study of deteriorated monuments, the use of computer graphics, and 2D and 3D media for the navigation and reconstruction of these buildings, and the development of strategies for improving their enhancement and publicity.

The maintenance and development of historic and artistic heritage, especially of public property, are important and current topics that include the re-discovery of identity factors and the responsibility of appropriate restorations.

The research aims are:

  • the collection of archival sources in order to learn about the history of neglect and disuse of certain public and private historical buildings located in Tuscany;
  • the analysis of the structural and functional changes of these buildings from their origins to the present;
  • the documentation and the visualization of architectural structures and decorative elements with a special focus on their conservation status, through computer graphics techniques;
  • the spreading of the research results through innovative communication strategies to attract public and private interests for a structural recovery and functional re-use of these decaying buildings;
  • the improvement of the awareness that cultural identities could play an important role in the restructuring of the local economy

Currently the project aims at studying the less known historical events regarding:

  • the Medici Villa located in Montelupo Fiorentino (near Florence)
  • the Carthusian Monastery located in Calci (near Pisa)
  • the Badia Camaldolese located in Volterra (near Pisa)
  • the fortress of Verrucole located in Garfagnana (near Lucca)