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ArTeSalVa Partnership

SNS-LARTTE (leader)

The Scuola Normale is the leader of the ArTeSalVa project. It manages the researchers in the humanistic field and handles the publication of results.

The LARTTE (Laboratory for Analysis, Research, Environment, Technology and Economy for Cultural Heritage) was founded in 2004 as a part of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa in order to understand and support national and international changes related to cultural heritage. The Laboratory carries out research, training and planning activities with an interdisciplinary approach.

Head: Salvatore Settis



CNR-ISTI (partner)

The Institute of Science and Information Technologies (ISTI) in Pisa is a part of the National Research Council (CNR), and carries out basic and applied research, and technology transfer in the field of Computer Science. The institute operates in the framework of various international, European and national projects. The Institute and its personnel are divided into different research labs, each of which is focused on specific research areas.

The Visual Computing Lab works on basic and applied research related to 3D Computer Graphics. The group has a strong background in algorithms, methodologies and technologies for the creation, manipulation and rendering of three-dimensional datasets.

The research group has a twenty-year history in cutting edge research in the field of computer graphics, as is shown in the hundreds of publications of the group and in its numerous collaborations with international institutions and its involvement in various European projects. Much of the activity of the group is focused on the application of 3D digital technologies in the cultural heritage field.

In the framework of the ArTeSalVa project, the Visual Computing Lab works on the creation of three-dimensional digital models of the buildings analysed, and on other multimedial components used to document, study and visually present the results of the project.

Head: Roberto Scopigno




‘Sterpaia’ is a modern art laboratory made up of creative, young people. It was founded by the photographer Oliviero Toscani and at the moment is managed by Lola and Rocco Toscani. In this multidisciplinary laboratory young people are guided by important and famous teachers of photography. ‘Sterpaia’ is a source of ideas that creates innovation and takes care of communication through different media. It is an important publishing house and produces media , books, records, films, exhibitions magazines and journalistic surveys.

In the ArTeSalVa project, ‘Sterpaia’ is the manager of the artistic photographs taken in order to publicise the conservation status of the historical buildings involved in the project.

Head: Niccolò Donzelli



NOVEOPIU di Enrico Possenti

NoveOPiu is a company that since 1998 has offered consultancy and custom software development, working professionally in the field of skills acquired through study and work experience and in the field of innovative research projects.

NoveOPiu is involved in the analysis, design and development of distributed and stand-alone on-line and off-line computer systems, and offers solutions based on open source products to suit project needs.

In the ArTeSalVa project NoveOPiu is planning and creating the website and the archival sources database.

Head: Enrico Possenti