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Work Package

Activities of ArTeSalVa project

The project is divided into 7 Work Packages (WP):

WP 0: Project management
It covers the entire duration of the project and objectives for the management and coherence of the project compared to the expected results.
Line manager: SNS
WP 1: Study of historic decaying buildings
Research of archival documents and historic texts in order to study the less known historical events regarding certain historical buildings in Tuscany and their different functional and structural changes. The historical research is useful for promoting their knowledge, preservation, enhancement and communication.
Line manager: SNS
WP 2: Processing of three-dimensional digital models of historical buildings
Development of an appropriate work methodology in order to create 3D digital models to be applied to buildings which are part of the project.
Line manager: CNR-ISTI
WP 3: Planning, development and implementation of the historical web database
It plans to develop and optimize an open source database for the collection and the processing of information to be made public and accessible online.
Line managers: SNS, NoveOPiu
WP 4: Planning and publication of the ArTeSalVa project website
The objective of this WP is to design and publish a bilingual website to give visibility to the contents of the project and that part of the estate that is in a state of deterioration or underutilization.
Line manager: NoveOPiu
WP 5: Creation of a photographic campaign by Oliviero Toscani
An artistic photographic campaign is useful for rediscovering Tuscan cultural heritage which is at the moment in decay or underused.
Line manager: La Sterpaia
WP 6: Dissemination of the results
Publication of the scientific results and communication of the strategies used by creating a new relationship network between public authorities, private parties and the scientific community in order to preserve and enhance cultural heritage in Tuscany.
Line managers: SNS, CNR-ISTI