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The CyArk project

Digitally preserving and sharing the world's cultural heritage

Ben Kaycra, influenced by the destruction of ancient historical sites during the war in Iraq, started a non-profit organisation for the preservation of historic buildings and structures.

Using 3D laser imaging, the CyArk project is currently in the process of compiling a database of historical structures from all over the world, with the mission of creating a 3D digital library. The compiling of the database requires the visiting of each historical site and the laser scanning of enormous structures such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the capital of ancient Egypt and ancient ruins of the Mayans.

The project makes the database available to the public through an iPad app and the CyArk website and already has over 500 future projects to be included in the database. On the website there are options to view the historical sites in 3D and also to embark on a historical tour of each site included in the database.

As well as a reaction to the destructive impact of war on historical heritage, the project is helping protect the memory and storage of historical sites damaged by natural disasters, showing a real dedication to the preservation of global history.

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